About the blog

Tales of Future Past has been up and running since 1 January 2004 and what started out as a three-week project expanded into an eight-year career that still sees no end in site.  Unfortunately, it's become something of a victim of its own success since the larger it gets the more maintenance it requires and the older it gets the more apparent it becomes that it will one day need a major revamp.  All this makes it very hard to find the time and energy I'd like to add new material as fast as I'd like.  Also, other people have taken up the banner of Future Past, starting blogs and sites dedicated to the same topic and they need to be exposed to a larger audience to do them justice.

With both of these problems in mind, I've decided to start a new blog as a companion to my other three (Ephemeral Isle, The Quill & The Keyboard and Reel Ranting) as well as to the main Tales of Future Past site where I can post material that will either be incorporated later into Tales of Future Past, miscellaneous stuff that doesn't quite fit into any of the TOFP sections and a gathering of Future Past news from around the Web as I stumble across it.

Since I'm already running three blogs and have to make this thing I like to call a "living", this won't be a daily blog, but more of what there is as I come across it, though I find quite a bit out there and I'll be cross posting Future Past items from Ephemeral Isle, so this won't exactly be filled with stale biscuits.   However, I would recommend subscribing to the RSS feed to insure against missing anything.