Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Future GI: 1959


  1. I don't know, the "explosive foxhole diggers" seem like one of those ideas that only a non-soldier would suggest.

    "Run around a battlefield with a couple of sticks of dynamite tied to my back? &@#£$ that!"

  2. The M14 rifle in 7.62mm was right on the money, though. Once the Army realized that in Iraq and AFPAK, the range of engagements was considerably greater than the 150-200m the M-16's 5.56mm round was intended for, they put the "antiquated" M14 back into service as the Designated Marksman Rifle. Followed by M16 clones in 7.62mm, such as the new one from Heckler & Koch.

    The moral being, just because the enemy is beyond your effective range, does not necessarily mean that you are beyond his.